Greetings and God’s peace and blessings to each of you from the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi,
the Honduras Medical Mission Committee, and St. John’s Church, Laurel. We are happily blessed to
be the sponsoring parish for the 2014 mission to Honduras to offer medical, dental, vision, pharmacy
and veterinary care for our brothers and sisters in San Joaquin and the surrounding mountain villages.

This will be the 31st year of a very successful partnership between the Episcopal Diocese of
Mississippi and the Episcopal Diocese of Honduras. The 2013 mission accomplished the following
wonderful things during the five days our clinics operated:

Medical Clinic: 780 families, 2109 patients
Dental Clinic: 365 surgery patients, 195 sealant patients, 891 extractions, 1985 sealants 9 cleanings
Eye Clinic: 620 patients, 432 glasses dispensed
Pharmacy: 8905 medications/prescriptions
Veterinary Clinic: 320 horses, 207 dogs, 589 cattle, 15 pigs, and 38 sheep, total of 1169 animals
Veterinary Operations: 7 dogs and 4 horses, total of 13

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